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At CG BODYWORX we’ve strived for excellent service for years. We focus on car body repairs and maintenance projects but there isn’t anything that we can’t help with. Any repair, service and damage maintenance for domestic or commercially used cars is welcome – we will aim to restore, refinish or style key components of your car.

Need an estimate? If you’re not certain how much maintenance your car needs, or how much it will cost – Do not hesitate to call or email us, we don’t bite! We’re always near the phone and easily accessible

Frederick Winslow
I was referred by a friend of CG BODYWORX. I didn’t realise that it was so easy to get to, I had heard of it before but I didn’t know that they were located right off of the A414 – perfect for me as I travel home from London everyday.
Stacey Kingsley
Chris at CG BODYWORX relieved me when I smelt a strong smell of gas when driving. He informed me in detail what was wrong and that it was coming from the exhaust – I needed maintenance badly. Chris re-tuned my engine and cleaned up my exhaust. I will definitely be going back!
John Dalton
I was really worried about how much it would cost to repair my gearbox, as I know it is a common and expensive problem. The people at CG BODYWORX gave me such a reasonable price compared to other places that I asked.
Claudia Simmonds

I knew that having brakes that function efficiently is a vital safety feature for any car, especially as I have kids. I needed a quick and efficient check up and knew that the people at CG BODYWORX were recommended before. Even, though my brakes had a small issue, I will definitely be heading back there if I need some small maintenance repairs done!

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